We've all experienced the situation when the grade we received for an essay was not the one we were expecting to get. Why did it happen? Was it because we forgot to include some significant information? Or didn't proofread the paper? Or maybe the topic was stupid and unappealing? Let's find out what mistakes that will definitely have a major influence on a grade one can make.

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We'll start off with syntax and punctuation. A wrongly put comma can make a huge difference and completely alter the meaning of a sentence. After you have finished writing, have a break and let your brain relax. Come back to editing and proofreading the essay at least after a couple of hours.

You can also make a lot of mistakes if you don't understand the assignment. A student might write about the plot of a story or novel when she is asked to analyze it instead. Read the question or guidelines for several times to make sure you know what is asked of you.

It is not advised to use contractions in academic writing. So, instead of writing "don't", "won't", "isn't" you should write "do not", "will not", "is not". It can be difficult to get rid of this habit but the more essays you write, the faster it will vanish.

When students come to us asking: "Help me write my research paper!" we know why. It's because choosing an appropriate topic can be mission impossible. Our experts know all the qualities a nice interesting topic should have and will help you pick the most suitable one.

Don't write something that is obvious. Many students tend to rely on well-known cliches thinking that writing about something they can not be wrong about guarantees them a good grade. They are confident that they can write my college essay on their own by picking a safe side. You need to express your own point of view and stand for it.

Don't try to be funny if you can not do it. There is nothing more discouraging than reading a joke in an essay that is not at all funny. If you are not sure how to use irony or sarcasm in your creative writing, just don't.

Don't let the pressure of tight deadline impact the quality of your writing. Plan ahead and avoid the situations when you need to write a 5 pages essay over a night. No matter how hard you'll try, you'll never get the same result as if you'd spend a couple of days on coping with this assignment. Think of it as of a fun activity, not as a curse your teacher has put on you.